Consciously Connected

A course and community for couples

Connect with your partner on a deeper level and create a relationship that truly fulfills you.


Eight, live, 90-minute coaching sessions, starting  January 16th, every Sunday at 10 AM EST.
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Recently, our lives have changed. A lot.

Covid has dramatically changed our day to day experience: isolation, working and schooling at home, the loss of social outlets, job insecurity, financial stress, conflict about who is doing what and how much, constant overwhelm…and, turning online to try to unwind and escape, even if just for a few moments or after everyone else has gone to bed. 

If you are feeling that things are harder, you are not alone. But these times can also be an opportunity to build exceptional couple relationships —as well as positive memories, intimate moments, and genuine connection.

Consciously Connected will teach you how.

Covid has shown us how much our couple relationships matter.

When the whole world is taken away, what or who do we have left to fulfill us?

Research clearly demonstrates that the quality of your close relationships is essential to your health and wellbeing, especially when stressed.

We are interdependent whether we like it or not.

Feeling connected at home now can make all the difference.

But covid has also highlighted where our relationships are falling short.

Ironically, the closer you are physically with your partner, the more your differences eventually emerge.

This may lead to more emotional distance.

Without external activities to help you get your mind off of relationship issues, arguments and conflicts may seem worse.

The times when you shutdown emotionally or cut off from one another may also feel longer and more painful.

You may find yourself wondering, will I ever be happy in my relationship? Or would we be better off apart?

You want so much more than to feel like roommates, co-parents, or friends.

You want to feel life, vitality, and desire in the connection between you like it was when you first met.

But without solutions, you find yourself just going through the motions of daily living, feeling empty and alone on the inside, and concluding that maybe “that’s life.”


The truth is, we have been given a very special opportunity.


These new circumstances that we have all found ourselves in are really an invitation for us to discover a whole new level of possibility and connection in our relationships.

It’s an opportunity for us to grow, expand and evolve by learning how to love each other in a deeper way. 

There is a way to create deeply satisfying, supportive and empowering relationships. We just need to learn how. This is especially true in our changing times.


Now is the best time to invest in your relationship!


Consciously Connected

Consciously Connected is a course and community for couples during covid.

With lively, supportive group coaching we will cover the foundations of love and the tools to make your relationship a source of strength, joy, and personal growth for both of you. Every week you will take another step towards really knowing yourself, understanding each other, and being more deeply connected than ever.

Love can be learned. You can consciously create it in your relationship!

How the Program Works:

We designed Consciously Connected to provide a transformational and supportive environment for you.
We will meet 8 times, on Zoom, for 1.5-2 hr. workshops where we will teach the course content live, and you will be able to ask questions and improve your relationship through fun and insightful exercises. 
Module 1: The Consciously Connected Couple
  • Get a grasp of what’s happening within and between you when you argue (Yes, you are a normal couple).
  • Understand why it’s becoming harder and harder to get along and stay together.
  • Know what nature teaches us about our love relationships, the secret solution!
Module 2: Loving With Purpose
  • Explore what love truly is (and what it is not).
  • Align yourselves with nature in order to achieve a loving relationship.
  • Learn how your couple relationship can help you fulfill your greatest potential and purpose in life.


Module 3: Uniting against the Ego in Relationships
  • Decrease the blame and shame game by understanding the gaps and walls that exist between you and your partner in a new way.
  • Foster compassion and acceptance for your partner as we explore human nature together.
  • Process how the ego helps us and how it harms us as couples.
Module 4: Masculine and Feminine in Harmony
  • Unravel the mystery of sexual energies according to nature!
  • Give and receive (share!) at a much deeper level.
  • Use your relationship as a mirror to help you get to know yourself and advance your personal growth.
Module 5: Transform Conflict into Opportunity
  • Explore how your nervous system hijacks communication and how to handle it.
  • Gain tools and strategies to balance mind and emotion.
  • Turn battling into bonding using a whole new perspective on conflict.
Module 6: Building Intimacy in the Bedroom
  • Learn how to create unbridled passion from the inside out.
  • Prevent the “sexual death spiral” from dampening your desire.
  • Create a healthy, mutual, affectionate, and erotic connection.
Module 7: The Conscious Shift

  • Transform the walls that are between you and your partner into bridges.
  • Create a new, shared space between you that benefits you both.
  • Get to know your partner beyond ego and embrace the balance between you.
Module 8: Constantly Evolving Love
  • Play the “game of love” and breathe vitality into your relationship, over time. 
  • Engage with a community of couples in order to succeed together. 
  • Embrace the profits and benefits of this new approach to being in a couple.

We are here to support you.

Amanda Green, MSW, RSW
Certified Emotionally Focused
Therapist for couples. Full-time couples counselor in private practice with +22 years of experience.

Hi, we’re Tal and Amanda

We’re so glad you’re reaching out. We are both married and moms, and we specialize in working with people to help them build the best relationships possible.

We have each had our own couple journeys and have experienced all sorts of relationship ups and downs over the years. We understand how impactful the quality of our couple relationships can be on the rest of our life experiences, and on our individual sense of health and wellbeing.

So we set out to help other couples achieve their maximum potential with all of our knowledge and know-how.

With more than 35 years of combined experience, we’ve helped hundreds of couples and people in general. We’d love to help you too.

Tal Mandelbaum

Tal Mandelbaum, MSc|
Emotional-Cognitive and Social Psychologist. +13 years of learning and teaching the principles of spiritual connection in relationships.

What our students say…

Depression, shame, neglect, it was difficult to have normal conversations. Like there was a wall between us and we were not partners, only roommates. This course came in like a wrecking ball and just destroyed that wall. After 10 years of marriage, and 2 kids we’re finally starting to feel more connected and we can enjoy having sex again. This course has helped save our marriage and keep our family together. Thank you Tal and Amanda.

Adam and Laura

Thank you Tal and Amanda for guiding us through a difficult time in our relationship. You have equipped us with the emotional and practical tools to do the work necessary to bring us back together. We are coming out of this course feeling more confident in our relationship and our ability to consciously, lovingly, and patiently engage with each other. We now know how to “unite against the stuck dance” and move forward.”

Rachel and Matt

We are so happy that we took part in Amanda and Tal’s couples workshop, Consciously Connected. The workshop reminded us that we are not alone in the struggles we have as a couple. The content of the course not only aided us in connecting with one another but also gave us insight into why we do or say the things we do.

The course helped us recognize the role our ego plays in our relationship and what we can do to overcome that. With these new tools in our pockets, we are able to recognize our “stuck dance” and overcome what would have originally been a much larger argument.

Thank you Amanda and Tal for always being ready to answer questions and for providing a safe environment for all participants. What we took away from this course will help us be a better more consciously connected couple.

Jim and Mary

Consciously Connected was a fantastic addition to EFT and really opened our eyes to many aspects of our relationship. It was both inspiring and practical and will no doubt change the trajectory of our lives together. Although we thought we had a great relationship, we now see how much farther we can go and look forward to practicing the habits learned in the course in the years to come. 

Emily and Peter

“We are very grateful to have been a part of this course. The course is interactive and very informative. The course doesn’t just teach us how to resolve conflict, but also how to view our roles differently in the context of our relationship. With a focus on emotional connection, we learned to put our partner above each of our individual needs, we also learned to communicate our own emotions better to give them the opportunity to reciprocate. Overall very positive interaction and a very informative course. Would definitely recommend it!”

Robert and Melyssa

Thank you so much Amanda and Tal for putting together such a wonderful program and helping us grow our relationship into a garden where we both grow and can get the things we need the most!

Edward and Jennifer

Consciously Connected is about building community for couples.

Are you worried deep down that you aren’t worth attention and care? Do you sometimes think, “It doesn’t matter how hard I try or how much I do, my partner will never be happy with me and I’ll end up falling short regardless?” Are you both caught up in blame and shame?

We all go through similar struggles, as couples, both in terms of what we fight about (money, sex, parenting, jobs around the house and in-laws, etc.) as well as how we fight (loops of attack, defense and shutdown).



Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel normal and not to feel like you have to hide as though you’re different from other couples?

Dr. Sue Johnson, the leader of the development of Emotionally-Focused Therapy for couples, says we are down to a “community of two” in our society which puts a lot of pressure on our partners to be our “everything” and vice-versa.

Well, just like the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child,” it also takes a whole environment to keep us on track in our couple relationships. We can’t do it alone.

We need to surround ourselves with a positive environment that will remind us of what’s really important to us, that will inspire us in learning new approaches to our relationships.

So many of our issues result from the challenging and even traumatic environments we were raised in which is why it’s so hard to change them. We need a new framework that will provide positive examples, accountability and support in learning novel ways of relating.

This is our goal. To create, alongside you, a new, supportive environment, full of couples who are learning how to connect and can encourage one another along the way!

Consciously Connected is perfect for couples who want to:

• Feel strong, both physically and emotionally.
• Gain inspiration and vision for their future together.
• Make sense of the circular arguments that disconnect them and learn tools to exit these destructive patterns.
• Understand how to grow together and become effectively interdependent.
• Maintain their individuality and confidently engage with, respond to and fulfill their partners.
• Overcome conflict, overwhelm, and uncertainty by embracing the opportunity.
• Develop meaningful connections with other couples who can relate and are going through the same things.

Why Consciously Connected?

It can be very challenging to be emotionally present or A.R.E. (Accessible, Responsive and Engaged, © Sue Johnson) for your partner when you yourself feel overwhelmed or numb and shut down inside.

When you are outside of your “window of tolerance” for emotional experience, it is hard to think clearly and respond to your partner in a balanced manner.

While Emotionally-Focused Therapy for couples, Hold Me Tight couples workshops, and individual, trauma-focused therapy can all help in the healing and bonding process,Consciously Connected” provides an additional, alternative, and effective approach. Our transformative approach offers a new way forward during those times when you may feel helpless, hopeless, and alone.

You may have tried everything you know from getting angry and defensive to keeping everything in, to asking nicely to begging tearfully and nothing seems to work.

This is where Consciously Connected helps. Sign up for this refreshing course and discover how to repair, communicate more effectively, connect beyond the self-protective walls, and flourish as never before.

Consciously Connected takes our work as couples to the next level. Join us and find out how to build a sustainable, reliable, and truly loving connection with your partner. Take the time to nurture your couple’s bond together with us.

Common Questions

Is this program only for couples?

The program is designed for you and your partner to go through together so that you both uplevel your approach and learn to create deeper, more conscious love.

However, if you cannot participate with your partner,  you can join and complete the exercises individually. Often even as one person in a partnership changes their “steps in the dance”, it will have a profound effect on the relationship.

If you are single, this course will give you a thorough and powerful foundation that will help you create conscious connections in your current relationships and set you up for success in any future couple relationship.

We are a private couple. Do we have to share in the group or interact with other couples?

You don’t have to share anything personal that you don’t want to. Since most couples experience common challenges, you can learn a lot from each other’s questions. You will be able to choose the amount of interaction you have with other couples while benefitting from the group setting that reminds you you are a normal couple, going through similar things as other couples, and you are so not alone!

You also won’t have to “take out the dirty laundry” in any way. In the course, you will learn new, positive ways to connect and repair your relationship.
When does the program start?

The program will start on January 16th 2022. We will meet on ZOOM, every Sunday at 10 AM EST. Each session will be 90 minutes long.

The dates of our meetings are:

Sunday, Jan. 16th  (10 am EST)

Sunday, Jan. 23rd (10 am EST)

Sunday, Jan. 30th (10 am EST)

Sunday, Feb. 6th (10 am EST)

Sunday, Feb. 13th (10 am EST)

Sunday, Feb. 20th (10 am EST)

Sunday, Feb. 27th (10 am EST)

Sunday, Mar. 6th (10 am EST) 

Is this program LGBTQ friendly?

Yes! We do use personal examples from our heterosexual relationships in the program. However, the rules of love are not gender-specific and apply to everyone! If we speak of “masculine/feminine” we are referencing energies within each of us. We also teach generalized attributes of men and women that can be applied to specific cases as suitable.

What if I sign up and need to cancel?

If you need to cancel please do so at least one week before the program starts. After the program has started there will be no refunds as we want to create a committed group experience that will positively transform your relationship!

Who is this program not for?

• Consciously Connected is a psycho-educational process and is not therapy. If either of you has a severe, ongoing addiction or mental health issues, individual counseling is likely the best route to address these challenges first.

• If you feel unsafe emotionally or physically in your relationship, to the extent that you are afraid to share and open up, due to the extreme controlling or abusive behavior of your partner, seeking out individual support through counseling would be the better option.

What can I expect to experience throughout the program?

You can expect to experience greater closeness, lots of insights about how relationships really work, a better understanding of your partner and yourself, greater compassion, increased trust in your relationship, elevated confidence that you can safely navigate obstacles in your relationship (and life!), spiritual aha’s, and much more!

Payment Options

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Three, Monthly Payments


($447 total)

Prices are in USD. If you prefer to pay in CAD visit Amanda Green’s registration page here.

Registration ends on Monday, January 10th. limited spots available








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