Worried About Coronavirus? This Can Help


Things have certainly been crazy the past few weeks with the Coronavirus.

And I know this can be especially worrisome to you since you are pregnant. Coronavirus and pregnancy just don’t go hand in hand.

So I wanted to write you a little note about how to view this situation in a more positive light, to help you reframe it and put it in a more positive perspective. I hope this helps you explain things to your baby and shield them from any unnecessary stress.

Watch the video, or read the tips below! 
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Like you, probably, I have been watching the development of the situation with Coronavirus in amazement. It’s affecting our lives to such a great extent. Borders are closed, flights are canceled. In some places, schools and kindergartens are closed too. People are sitting at home in isolation, unable to continue their daily activities.

But difficulties come into our lives for a reason, and this time it’s no exception. With all of its influence on our world, the Coronavirus is also teaching us some very important lessons.

It was in the news the other day that China’s air pollution was greatly reduced because of the virus stopping so much of the manufacturing.

It’s as if nature is trying to stop and redirect a destructive path we have been on- the path of consumption without control.

A path that has led us to extract all of the world’s resources, and run ourselves weary trying to fulfill our ever-growing desire.

Now we are getting an opportunity to slow down, to reconsider our priorities. Many people need to stay home and spend time with family, as opposed to working so many hours and missing out on that.

We are also being demanded to care more, and have mutual responsibility for public health. If someone feels ill, they are requested to stay home, to refrain from infecting anyone else.

These are the lessons of nature- teaching us about interconnectedness, about caring, about mutual responsibility and priorities.

Ultimately it’s pointing us in the direction of realizing that our true fulfillment is not in consuming more and more, but in caring for one another.

In that care, in that sense of camaraderie and shared purpose lies the secret to our true joy and happiness.

Today that shared purpose is overcoming a virus. Tomorrow it can be creating a safer, better, more compassionate humanity for us all.

Seeing this situation as a “help” we are receiving from nature to re-balance and reconnect can help reduce the anxiety and point us in the right direction.

It’s really a change of consciousness that we need, so just reframing the situation in your mind can help everyone!

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Coronavirus and pregnancy: How to Shield Your Baby From Stress 

If you have been feeling stressed, you can talk to your baby about what you are feeling. Tell them it is not their fault, that everything is happening for a good reason, and that you will be just fine.

Another step you can take is to visualize healthy, connected humanity, where people are helping each other and working towards the greater good. Paint a mental picture of what that would look like.

This is important for your baby because it gives them the message that the outside environment is safe and that they can relax and remain open for growth and development.

Send thoughts and prayers of love to all people. Your thoughts matter!

If you are still feeling stressed out, here are a few more ideas to help you calm down and bring baby into a harmonious place with you:

1. Meditate

Sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Focus on your breath rising and falling. Do so for a few minutes, or as long as you like. Feel your connection to your baby, and visualize that you are surrounded with light and love, taken care of and guided.

2. Journal

Write down your feelings and concerns. Try this journal prompt- “how is the current situation helping me connect more with my baby and my higher guidance”? 

3. boost your immune system

Be sure to get your self-care and rest. Eat well, sleep, get fresh air and some time in nature. Stock up on supplements that are helpful to you. This will help you boost your immune system as well as help you turn any worries into proactive, positive action.

4. Consume content that supports you

The news can sometimes be overly dramatic, so you’ll want to limit how much you expose yourself to it. Positive, enlightenting and constructive content however, can do you so much good. 

5. Don’t isolate yourself

Personal relationships are crucial in maintaining perspective, elevating mood and allowing distraction away from concerns that trouble us. Even in imposed isolation, it is important to combat loneliness and keep talking with friends online. 

The more we lift ourselves up from fear and see the greater picture of what is truly happening- the faster we can all move into the state of balance, and mutual concern that nature is pressuring us to achieve.

Just having this awareness is all it takes.

Sending you so much love,


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Tal Mandelbaum Msc Pyschology

Author: Tal Mandelbaum
Tal Mandelbaum is a trained social psychologist, a spiritual teacher, and a mom of two. She teaches online courses and workshops for spiritual seekers, who want to have a calmer, healthier more consciously connected relationship with themselves, others, and spirit! Follow her on Instagram for more spirituality insights and inspiration!

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