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Break through to a life of love, light, and empowerment.

Hey, you! You’re standing at the crossroads of life, with a chance to take the road less traveled. You have an incredible opportunity before you, one that could unlock the secrets of the universe and reveal your true self.

Change will happen to you one way or another, that’s just life! But you can be ahead of the game, if you just follow the whispers of your soul, and let it guide you towards the discovery of your true essence.

This is your chance to spread your wings and fly higher than you ever thought possible. Take the leap of faith, and soar towards spiritual enlightenment,  diving deep into the ocean of self-discovery to find your connection to your SOUL. When you embark on this journey of Love you will strengthen your bonds with those around you and the divine.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Feeling stuck or unfulfilled in your current life…?

♦️ You sense there’s something missing in your life, like you are meant for MORE.

♦️ The things that used to make you happy have lost their spark.  

♦️ You’re tired of feeling disconnected from yourself and others, and crave more love, happiness, and well-being. 

♦️  You have dreams to fulfill, hopes to live, but you’re not sure how to get there.

Maybe you should just wait?

(Spoiler: that won’t help.)

The truth is, change is on its way, and you have a higher purpose to live! However, you need to BECOME the right person who can receive all the goodness that the universe has in store for you. By tapping into your divine essence and learning to work with the laws of the universe, will  be surprised to find that-

Your Greatest Dreams Are About to Be Fulfilled

Hi! I’m Tal, and I help soul-centered people discover the tools of ancient wisdom to create their dream reality from the inside out!

Around 20 years ago, I was one of the most active and ambitious young people. I was doing my university studies in psychology and political science, volunteering at the student union and actively pursuing solutions to world peace in political activism. 

But the whole time, I was searching and exploring. I sensed that there was so much that I didn’t understand about our reality. Why are people so divided? Why can’t we get along? Why is the world so imbalanced, with no solution in sight? 

Then, when I got very ill at just 22, these questions became even more deep and unrelenting. I wanted to understand why reality itself can be so harsh, why things were happening to me, and what I could do to influence my reality for the better.

The pain and suffering I experienced during those years, set me off on a search for answers.

I went through every book, method and teacher I could find, that explained the mysteries of life. I even started studying closely with a Buddhist monk who was my private teacher for two whole years.

My path didn’t end there however, my heart knew that there was more for me to discover. I finally found my path in a 3000-year-old wisdom that answered ALL of my big questions. It wasn’t just a method to heal my suffering, it was a method of connection that could heal the world.

Today, I’m sharing everything that I’ve learned.

to help as many people as possible steer away from suffering, and gain the understanding of how our reality works, so they can become conscious creators too, transmuting darkness into light, and creating the love and abundance their heart craves! 

Because we can’t just wait for pressures to surmount.

What I learned from my process, is that if we don’t heed the messages of Nature, of our bodies, and the changes happening around us- the pain just keeps getting stronger until we listen. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

You can evolve consciously, willingly of your own free choice! You can learn how to become your highest self, shift your reality, and experience the health, love, abundance and limitless possibility that is your true potential. 


 To help you become your highest self I have created:

  • A 4-part framework that will give you the step by step guidance to know yourself, understand reality and create positive change in your life from the inside out.
  • A totally new and different approach to spirituality that is based on the most authentic ancient wisdom, designed especially for our times.
  • My specific strategies and tips for creating conscious connection with yourself, others and Spirit.
  • A unique method to help you be the change you want to see in the world so that you can stop being a victim to the changing events, and start working to shift reality for the sake of all, for your family and for you.

Because you know what happens when you finally find the path to your higher self?

    You feel that you are home. You stop feeling lost, alone, and flailing in the dark. You start to see reality more clearly and FEEL that you are guided, supported, and loved.

    You feel empowered because you are no longer a victim of your reality or circumstances, you learn how to use your free choice to create change in your life, from the inside out.

    You understand yourself, why you feel, think, and behave the way you do, and see others clearly as well. You have the tools to create deep conscious relationships that last.

    New horizons and possibilities open up to you that you never dreamed could exist. You awaken to the magical truth of our reality, and of who YOU truly are.

    Imagine experiencing ALL of that by using a step-by-step method that will enable you to make the most of your life, and discover everything it has to give to you!

    Enlighten is a magical 5-week container to help you open up your mind and heart to your highest, limitless self and start living your life from a deeper place, to make your greatest dreams come true.

    The course will take place on 4 consecutive Sunday mornings, live on zoom. The sessions are 90 minutes long.

    Here are the dates and times:

    Sunday, 18 September, at 10 AM EST
    Sunday, 25 September, at 9 AM EST
    Sunday, 2 October, at 10 AM EST
    Sunday, 9 October at 9 AM EST

    Note: If you cannot participate in any of the live calls, you will be able to watch the recording in your course portal!

    With This Course You will be able to:


    Discover your highest potential, and connect to your higher self, so you can live your life in the most aligned, purposeful and effective way.

    Learn how to create conscious connection in your relationships so you can use them as laboratories for your highest personal growth.

    Align with your TRUE desires, and avoid wasting time on pursuits that don’t really serve you or your highest good.

    Become an enlightened change-maker who can influence your environment positively and inspire others.

    Get my support and guidance in your personal journey towards fulfilling your goals and dreams.


    Let’s take a look at what you’ll learn in each of the four weekly modules: 

    Week 1: Know The Landscape

    In the first session, we will go “behind the scenes” to uncover how our reality is built (spoiler: it’s made of energy, not matter) and what Spiritual laws we need to abide by in order to thrive and succeed.

    This session will give you “the instructions manual for reality”, so to speak, so that you can take the right action, gain control, and have the power of true knowledge.

    Week 2: Know Yourself

    In this week you will get more acquainted with..yourself! We will use both psychology and unique knowledge from ancient wisdom to deeply know who we are, how we are built, and why we think/feel/behave the way that we do. This will help you unlock the secret to true happiness, and self-actualization.

    Week 3: Conscious Relationships

    In this week you will learn all about how to become more consciously connected in your relationships. You will be equipped with the tools and mindset that will enable you to turn your relationships from dull or conflict-ridden, into your greatest source of learning, joy, and love.

    Week 4: The Higher Power in Your Life

    To make this shift towards your higher states of being, you must have a growing connection to the higher power. Whether you call it God, Source, Nature, Spirit, or something else, this is the force that guides you, gives you lessons to learn from, and is seeking to connect with you.

    In this week you will learn how to connect with the higher power in your life, interpret the messages you receive, and form a strong connection that will guide your steps. You will learn the secret to manifestation and getting your prayers answered!

    When You Join Enlightened, You Get:

    Four live zoom sessions with Tal

    The four course sessions are PACKED with wisdom and practical guidance. And by the end of the program, you will have shifted from your current self to a whole new you that is much more aligned with Love/Spirit and has a sage’s perspective on life and a powerful foundation for your conscious evolution journey.

    Journal Prompts + exercises

    The lessons will be accompanied by exercises and journal prompts, to help you scrutinize, develop and implement what you have learned.

    The Connection Method Formula

    The “Connection Method” Formula is a 3 -step formula for conscious evolution that is based on authentic ancient wisdom and 20 years of spiritual study. It will guide you to make real progress in your spiritual growth and fulfil your TRUE potential.

    Members-Only Facebook Community

    You’ll get access to our exclusive Facebook group to give you the community and support you need to feel like you never have to go it alone!

    “Wait… but how do I know this will work for me?

    This course is based on ancient wisdom that has been especially designed to help humanity make the shift in consciousness that it needs to make in our times. I have spent many years searching for these answers, and have honestly gone through all of the great authentic spiritual methods in our world. I stopped searching when I found a method that was all inclusive, universal, and truly gave practical solutions, not just to my questions, but to the struggles we ALL share.
    This knowledge is meant for our generation. It’s meant for you, to help you rise above the suffering and limitation of reality as you now know it, and reach your future states of being with ease and with joy.

    Enroll in Enlightened 


    Now only $297!


    Experience the love, awareness, and limitless possibility that are in your true potential

    Student Testimonials

    I can’t recommend Tal enough, she is highly insightful. She has a sensitivity that allows her to understand human connection from a deeper place. She is truly brilliant.


    Tal’s teachings are amazingly clear and deep. They have really helped me see my limiting beliefs and change them! I was able to see where I was sabotaging myself and fix it!

    I am so grateful to her and I recommend to all to hear what she has to say, it can totally change your life! 



    Thanks to this work, I feel I have gained a more realistic and accurate outlook on love and relationships.  I feel more secure in trusting the plan of the universe!


    Tal is first and foremost an amazing person…! I got so many tools from her for my relationship, which helped me create a calm, happy, and loving connection with my partner!

    I learned things I really needed to know about how to behave with my partner.
    Tal has so much knowledge and wisdom, I am really grateful to have had her support and guidance!


    Thanks to Tal’s course I understood that if I want to create a happy family, I need to create a good, safe, and secure relationship environment first. 

    Tal taught me how to do that!  I learned how to create a partnership based on trust, where differences that arise are smoothed over and used to deepen our love.

    This work gives me so much joy and anticipation of what’s to come!


    FAQs About Enlighten

    When are the course sessions taking place?

    The course will take place on 4 consecutive Sunday mornings, live on zoom. The sessions are 90 minutes long. 

    Here are the dates and times:

    Sunday, 18 September, at 10 AM EST
    Sunday, 25 September, at 9 AM EST
    Sunday, 2 October, at 10 AM EST
    Sunday, 9 October at 9 AM EST

    Note: If you cannot participate in any of the live calls, you will be able to watch the recording in your course portal!

    We will meet on zoom and the course will be delivered live. You will have time to ask all of your questions! I will also provide you with digital workbooks and journal prompts. The zoom calls will be recorded and uploaded to your private course portal.
    Do you offer a money back guarantee?

    Yes! I don’t believe you will feel this way, as the course is PACKED with value you won’t find anywhere else, and it’s only $47! But if you don’t feel that you got any value from the course, you can email me at hi@choosingtoconnect.com and get your money back!



    That’s just fine! The content is designed for beginners and long-time spiritual students alike. And, you will be able to ask questions any time! Starting your spiritual path with this course is a real gift because it’s based on a truly authentic method and wisdom that will direct you towards real results.

    Is this right for me if I've been on a spiritual path for years?

    Yes! The knowledge and method that I’m sharing are rare to find and can add to anything you have already learned. You might find that many things that you have learned before are deepened and even seen in a new light as you go through the course. In short, it will give you new depth and advance you on your path!

    When does the course start?

    The course starts with our first session on September 18th! (at 10 AM EST).


    How do I join Enlightened?

    A good question with an easy answer: Click here to join Enlightened today!

    This course is many years in the making…

    I can’t wait to meet you inside!

    What you are getting when you enroll in Enlighten:

    5 modules: $1997 value
    Bonus: $297 value

    Bonus: $397 value

    Bonus: $197 value

    Private community: priceless!

    Total value: $3997 

    Fulfil your greatest potential, and enjoy ALL that life has to give!

    Join Us!



    Time Left to Join Enlighten








    A little more about me! 

    I am a trained psychologist and spiritual teacher, and I help soul-centered people overcome loneliness, emptiness, and uncertainty so they can thrive and experience greater love and spiritual connection on all levels of their life.

    I’m passionate about supporting spiritual seekers because I know first hand the struggle of not having this guidance available to me. Since I was young I faced big challenges, that allowed me to rigorously seek and find answers to life’s biggest questions. I am now dedicated to sharing this wisdom, tools, and 20 years of experience to advance you on your path towards greater happiness, love, and spiritual connection.

    When I’m not teaching or studying, I’m taking care of my two kids, and nurturing my relationship with my partner!



    Tal Mandelbaum Relationship tips, parenting and self development

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