How to Set an Intention For Your Pregnancy


When I was first introduced to the knowledge of prenatal baby bonding, I was so intrigued to discover that although the physical part of pregnancy is something that happens of its own, our parenting efforts start right from the beginning of pregnancy (and even before that).

Dr. Thomas Verny, a psychiatrist and researcher of prenatal psychology concluded that “intrauterine bonding” does not happen automatically.

Rather, he proposed it takes conscious effort and is an intentional process.

Our thoughts and emotions have great power to shape our reality, and can greatly influence our baby, because they are connected to our neurological and emotional system.

We make a lot of effort to prepare our bodies for pregnancy, but do we prepare our cognitive and emotional states?

Research shows that connecting to our babies and giving them a harmonious emotional environment, is important for a baby’s healthy development. 

Our thoughts and emotions are just as much going to nurture our baby as the food we eat.

Acknowledging our patterns and striving to create better ones is important if we want our children to be healthier and happier.

But to really be able to do that, we first need to know what these positive emotions and thoughts look like.

In a nutshell, a positive emotional and cognitive environment is one that is loving and connected. This includes our thoughts and emotions towards our baby, as well as our thoughts and emotions towards other people and life itself.

Our baby receives this information from us and it leaves impressions in their cellular memory and wiring brains.

So one of the most important pregnancy tips, is to strive to make our attitudes as loving, compassionate and connected as possible. 

Practical Pregnancy Tips 101: Setting the intention

A good way to start is by setting an intention.

No matter where you are in your pregnancy journey it is worthwhile to set an intention for your pregnancy, and envision how you want your baby to develop.

So take a few moments to write down your intention for your pregnancy and connection with your baby. What do you want to achieve? How do you want your pregnancy and birth to be? What do you want your baby to feel during these months? What do you want your bond to be like?

Envision the most positive picture you can imagine.

Your positive intentions can help you be more focused on what is important to you and create the reality you desire.

Come back to your vision as often as you can, update it if you need to and you will see that it helps you take the steps to make it a reality!

What’s most important for you to experience in your pregnancy? Let us know down in the comments! 

Plus, to gain more awareness about your connection with your baby, take the Baby Bonding Pregnancy Quiz!

How Bonded Are You With Your Baby?

Find out how bonded you are with your baby and what you can do to create a calm, healthy, connected pregnancy!

Tal Mandelbaum Msc Pyschology

Author: Tal Mandelbaum
Tal Mandelbaum is a trained social psychologist, a spiritual teacher and a mom of two. She teaches online courses and workshops for pregnant mammas, who want to have a calmer, healthier more consciously connected pregnancy. Follow her on Instagram for more pregnancy insights and inspiration!

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