How Spirituality Boosts Your Health

Spirituality can have a positive impact when it comes to your health, a new Harvard study says.

The study represents the most rigorous and comprehensive systematic analysis of the modern day literature regarding health and spirituality to date,” according to Tracy Balboni, of Harvard Medical School.

It indicates that for healthy people, spiritual community participation is associated with healthier lives, including greater longevity, less depression and suicide, and less substance use.

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When it comes to illness, the study shows that for many patients, spirituality is important and influences key outcomes in illness, such as quality of life and medical care decisions. The researchers conclude that spirituality should be incorporated into care for both serious illness and overall health.

So why is it that Spirituality has such an influence?

There are a number of reasons.

  • When one has a “why”, they can endure almost any “how”. Higher purpose gives you mental strength, hope and optimism which have been proven to affect your physical body positively (as seen in the placebo effect).
  • Illness can be a sign of stagnation. When one isn’t moving forward in their development, an illness can come along to push them to change. People who take consistent action to learn, grow and evolve their mind, heart and soul, can avoid this.

  • Finally, some forms of spiritual practice actually connect a person to the life force. It is the force that heals, and corrects. When you know how to draw this force into your life, you can heal and shift reality more quickly and powerfully.

Tips to healing physical ailments with Spirituality:

1. Seek medical assistance of the best kind you can find. (Get a second or third opinion if necessary).

2. Parallel to seeking physical help (because we live in the material world too!) Acknowledge that whatever pain/illness/discomfort you have is sent to you from Love. It has a purpose.

3. Seek the lesson behind the hardship.

4. Work to implement the lesson you have received.

5. Visualize your desired outcome, a healthy, connected, vibrant, more evolved you.

Ultimately any hardship is the result of our disconnection from others, and from Source. It comes to help us be more connected, loving, aligned and fulfilled.

Our doctors , therapists and medicines are messengers/vehicles, but their success depends on our inner work and our effort to come closer to Love and evolve.

Always remember that you are loved and guided. Wishing us all health, love and the Spiritual wisdom to turn any negative into a positive. Together.

Tal Mandelbaum Msc Pyschology

Author: Tal Mandelbaum
Tal Mandelbaum is a trained social psychologist, a spiritual teacher, and a mom of two. She teaches online courses and workshops for spiritual seekers, who want to have a calmer, healthier more consciously connected relationship with themselves, others, and spirit! Follow her on Instagram for more spirituality insights and inspiration!

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