6 Traits of a Spiritual Person

We often think that spiritual people should look a certain way or behave a certain way, but I have discovered that a spiritually enlightened person can look completely “regular” on the outside. In fact, in our reality, it’s really what’s on the inside that counts! It’s your intention, your internal perception of reality, and your attitude towards life that truly determines your spiritual level. In this video, I go through 6 traits and attributes that make one spiritual. If you are going through a spiritual awakening and want to know more about what being truly spiritual involves, then this video is for you!

The 6 Traits of a Spiritual Person

So what are 6 traits or attributes of a spiritual person? 

 1. Someone who seeks the deeper aspects of reality. 

A spiritual person feels that there must be more to life in our animal body, beyond life and death. They know there must be more than that. This sensation that there must be something higher than that, pushes them to ask deeper questions. Asking these questions helps them find the answers and evolve into higher levels of reality. 

 2. Understands that spiritual change is about evolving one’s consciousness. 

If there’s anything that we need to change to  evolve spiritually, it is our attitude towards life. Sometimes we think that to evolve spiritually we need to change what we eat, how we exercise but ultimately, our perception of reality is the only thing we need to change in order to advance.

I remember I was in hospital, during the beginning stages of my spiritual awakening. During this time, being in hospital, I felt that there wasn’t much I could to change on the level of my physical experience. I had to go through a lengthy treatment protocol, forced to be attached to an iv pole for sometimes 5 days at a time. The only thing I could change was my internal attitude towards what was happening to me.

The only place I could escape that pressuring and unpleasant reality was within me. I felt that If I could undergo an inner change, an enlightenment, I could break free.

Later on during my spiritual studies I realized how true that is. The more we uplevel our perception of reality, the more we change our reality itself. Eventually we can break free from the constraints of time and space.

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3. Seeks a real path of development

It’s not enough to want to develop spiritually. You need to have  a tried and tested path to follow. You could try to do this on your own, but in our times, our ego is bigger and it’s much easier and more effective to use an authentic method or path to help you. 

I learned this from a very wise teacher.

At the beginning of my journey I was practicing Vipassana- a meditation method that was practiced by Buddhist monks for thousands of years. At the same time I was reading a lot books and learning from all kinds of different teachers.

I remember talking to my Thai Vipassana teacher about it, thinking he would commend me for my extensive research.

But surprisingly , he told me that it was “not good!”

He said I should only go to one authentic path/source that will take me deep into the spiritual ascension process, instead of spreading myself thin over all kinds of teachings that may not be authentic. 

He also mentioned two such authentic sources: the Buddha’s book, or the Bible.

I had no idea what he’s talking about! 

What did the Bible have to do with my spiritual awakening? But a few years later I discovered the universal spiritual method that is hidden within the Bible and other Jewish texts. 

This became my path, and since then I have not felt the need to look elsewhere.

I recommend to anyone who is seeking to evolve spiritually to find YOUR path.

Preferably it should be authentic, ancient and tried and tested. There is a source of wisdom, and it wants to be revealed to us, but we need to connect to authentic sources in order to advance correctly on the path.

I myself bring you wisdom that I have received from my teacher, who is the last in a line of great sages who passed down this special wisdom from generation to generation. I feel called and obligated to share what I have learned, so that we can continue this chain and open up this wisdom to the entire world because it truly is so necessary.

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4. Doesn’t blame anything outside of themselves for their reality.

There’s nothing out there doing something to me. It’s all me projecting my own internality on the screen of reality. 

A spiritual person is always looking inside to change what isn’t working. If you see chaos, division, violence, hate, racism, you know that change needs to happen within you.
It is precisely that urge to criticize others that points to our need to change ourselves!
Because outside of us is only a field of infinite light and possibility- we project our own faults onto others.
Understanding this truth, and seeking inner change is the key to spiritual advancement and an attribute of a truly spiritual person!

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5. Knows that there is a higher power in Charge.

5. Knows that there is a higher power in charge.
Even though you are the one change depends on- it happens though connecting to the higher power. On our lower levels of consciousness, we are not in control. There is a higher power in charge. This can be seen as the higher consciousness that permeates life, which you need to gradually align with.

This completes all our previous points. The change that we need to undergo is through this connection to the higher power, participating with it, and drawing from it the change you want in your reality.

We can’t change ourselves by ourselves. We can’t pull ourselves out of the mud by the hair.

We need to learn how to connect to nature, through our connection with each other.

This higher power is also within you, it’s those higher levels of your consciousness that you need to connect to.

Wants to connect, give and love.

The truly spiritual person does not stay within themselves, thinking that enlightenment is only for them to enjoy. They know that everything outside of them is also part of them. They know that to experience love, light and abundance, you have to be a channel for others. 

By helping others advance, you are actually advancing and investing in your evolution, because they are all part of you!

A spiritual person is all about love, giving, sharing so they can be a channel for love, and by that connect to the higher power, changing themselves by becoming more loving and evolving their consciousness. This is how they go beyond this physical reality and experience the true reality that is outside of us. 


I hope that you feel that you too are becoming more spiritual.

Leave your comments and questions, and subscribe to the YouTube channel to know about new videos that come out.

Don’t forget this process is happening FOR you, all you need to do is participate. Let’s do this together! 

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Tal Mandelbaum Msc Pyschology

Author: Tal Mandelbaum
Tal Mandelbaum is a trained social psychologist, a spiritual teacher and a mom of two. She teaches online courses and workshops for spirituality seekers, who want to evolve their consciousness and create a life they love. Follow her on Instagram for more spiritual insights and inspiration! And join our community! “The Connected Life” is an uplifting space for soul-centered women, on Facebook! 

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